Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is offline ST and online ST?
  • Ans. Offline speed test is a facility where students assemble at a given place, and give their speed test manually with their question paper and rough paper by their side, whereas online speed test is a facility where students use laptops, computers and give their question paper online thereby preparing themselves about the new examination pattern.

  • What is in house online speed test facility?
  • Ans. In house online speed test facility is a facility in which a candidate gets the same atmosphere in a laboratory as he/she was getting in an offline speed test previously at a school, branch or other location similar to IBPS. It is a facility where question paper has been replaced by monitor, pattern of filling OMR sheet has been replaced by clicking the right option through mouse, and which even enhances and moreover improves our regularity and punctuality as there is an automatic time slot which starts with the question paper and ends exactly after 120 minutes. The candidate has to be present 15 minutes before the online speed test at the given branch, which not only improves a sense of punctuality but also enhances quick completion of the speed test. The candidate just needs to get a rough paper and a pen while giving the online speed test.

  • Why is online speed test introduced?
  • Ans. Online speed test has been introduced as IBPS has started online entrance examination pattern and thereby in the near future SBI, Railways and other government organizations will start the same and we at Mahendra's want all our students not only to be aware of this new pattern but also to excel and to be selected along with the new change, thereby nothing hampering their success and hard work.

  • What is the benefit of online speed test?
  • Ans. The benefit of online speed test is that it gives the candidates entire examination atmosphere exactly like the one he/she will be facing during the entrance examinations.

  • Why to opt for Mahendras online ST only?
  • Ans. Candidates should opt for Mahendras online speed test as only we provide the online speed test on the same pattern as IBPS like we were doing while conducting offline speed test, and moreover, we are the only institute which provides bilingual question paper i.e. both in Hindi and English thereby giving an opportunity to all candidates to practice the new examination pattern.

  • What is the schedule for online speed test?
  • Ans.Initially two online speed test will be conducted in the given branch/location per week-first on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday whereas the second one on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The third online speed test will be conducted on Wednesday which the student can give from any cyber cafe or his/her house. This process will only be for 15-20 days, as from December onward the third online speed test will also be conducted at the given branch/location thereby making it a complete in house online speed test.

  • How will the results be declared of online ST?
  • Ans. Result will be declared on pan India basis thereby giving the candidate more confidence to see, judge and rank himself/herself with other candidates on all India bases, just like the examination results are declared by the government organizations

  • How will the result be analyzed?
  • Ans. On a single click after completing and submitting one’s online speed test, a candidate can check his/her result online immediately. The result will have various criteria on which it will be finally decided. It will show various categories like total questions, total attempted, left questions, correct and incorrect questions, total and taken time, right marks, negative marks, total and minimum marks.

  • What is the fees for online speed test?
  • Ans. No fees will be charged from candidates till 30 Nov,12.Rs 100 will be taken as registration fees whereas Rs 500 taken as Lab Security Deposit which is refundable can be claimed minimum after one year or till the validity of the card-whichever is more. For ex: Candidates having Brown card which expires after four months can claim for their Security Deposit after one year only.

  • Why is Lab Security fee deposited?
  • Ans.Lab Security fee is deposited as a security amount to ensure no damage to any gadgets, equipment or systems provided by the institution.

  • What are the different time slot of online ST?
  • Ans. The different time slots of online speed test are Morning-10am-12pm Afternoon-12.30pm-2.30pm Afternoon-3 pm-5pm Evening-5.30pm-7.30pm Evening-7.45-9.45----will starts soon

  • Till when is time slot schedule valid?
  • Ans.Time slot schedule is valid only till 3-6 months. Further details will be mailed all candidates very soon. Time slot schedule of a candidate can be cancelled on a condition if he/she fails to give online speed test in the time slot chosen by him/her, thereby categorizing the candidate in yellow/alert zone. If a candidate, moreover, fails to give online speed test for two more times then he/she will be categorized in red zone, thereby cancelling his/her chosen time slot forever. The candidate will then have to go through the process of choosing time slot again through st.mahendras.org as he/she had done earlier. This process has been implemented to maintain a candidate’s regularity as we at Mahendra's not only want our students to excel but also to be selected thereby making them successful individuals.