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In the Era of Digitization, Online Learning Platform will give new Edge to Candidates’ Preparation. Mahendra comes with an Electronic Master in Current Affairs (E-Mica) for all Aspirants preparing for Banking, SSC, Railway & all the other competitive examinations as well. E-MICA subscription is available for 6 Months & 12 Months. According to which you get E-MICA in your account every Month.

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1. We are providing all the current affairs relevant to examinations which will help not only in boosting your general awareness skills but will also help in developing your opinion regarding current issues.
2. Current affairs are categorized to make it learn faster and easier. The categories are as follows:
A) The People: This section covers all the important persons who remain in news for the entire month in the form of appointments, obituary etc. This section also covers awards given in the particular month.
B) News Bites: This section is sub-categorized as National, International, State, Economy, Science, Sports and Miscellaneous. All these sections cover the important current affairs including some basic concepts relevant to the news.
C) Spotlight: This section focuses on financial awareness in which economic glossary of current scenario is given. Apart from it Abbreviations and Important days are given under this section.
D) Featured articles are based on the current events.
E) Questions: Questions are given in the form of Quiz-TM keeping in context with the latest examination pattern.
3. This also includes sample papers of upcoming examinations.
4. In MICA, you will find QR Code available with every news, what you have to do is, just scan the  QR Code from your mobile phone & you will be redirected straight to the Video Explanation of that particular news.

1. E-MICA stands for “Electronic Master in Current Affairs” which is an online monthly magazine for Current affairs.
2. E-MICA is a book in electronic format. It is read on the screen and it can be downloaded in Mahendra’s App.
3. E-MICA is portable. You can carry it with you in your Mahendra’s account or in Mahendras App without worrying about its weight.
4. With today's technology you can read E-MICA everywhere i.e. on the bus, train, airplane, and while standing in a queue.
5. E-MICA is available in both Hindi and English language for aspirants.
6. E-MICA comprises current updates related to banking, technology, science etc. with reference to all competitive exams.

Return & Refund
1. Once E-MICA has been purchased, it cannot be Refund in any case.
2. For more details call us on 7052477777 / 7052577777 (9am to 6pm)