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  • mahendras benefit Faculty Recruitment & Training
  • mahendras benefit Study Material (Hindi & English)
  • mahendras benefit Online & Offline Test Series
  • mahendras benefit CRM Support
  • mahendras benefit Marketing Support
  • mahendras benefit Hybrid Class Module Support
  • mahendras benefit Center Development & IT Support
  • mahendras benefit Brand Manual & Artworks
  • mahendras benefit Dedicated Student Portal

Access benefits of Education Business

mahendras benefit

Massive market

India is a highly populous country having around 1.35 billion people living there. This country has a massive young population under the age of 25, which again implies a vast market share in the educational sector.

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All-weather industry

The educational sector is one of the most important & essential industries that can never be shut down in any situation as it is a crucial aspect of human development. Any investments in the education sector are always considered safe due to the industry's high demand & better stability. Even in this era of a global pandemic, the education sector has adapted to the growing digital trend to impart quality education to the next generation. The exponential growth observed during this global pandemic has pointed to the future & sustainability of this industry.

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Scalability is considered one of the fundamental characteristics of a successful business model. The educational industry allows businesses to possess a scalable model that can expand and diversify as per the growing demand.

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A long-term business model

While most industries deal with projects that must be completed within a specific deadline before moving on to the next project, the education industry offers a long-term stable business model. Investing in the education sector ensures that all the stakeholders get the opportunity to be golden goose in the long run.

mahendras benefit

Low investments

You don't need to spend a fortune to enter the education industry. As this sector boasts a minimal barrier to entry, small businesses can also easily invest in this sector.

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Excellent returns on your investments

Having such a low entry barrier, the educational industry has become a very lucrative option to invest in, especially if you consider the exponential returns that you will receive on your investments. With its sustainable nature, the returns will be flowing regularly.

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A noble business model

Teaching and educational business models are considered one of the noblest professions available out there. Your investment in this sector will encourage further reach and participation to ensure education doesn't become a luxury that students can't afford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Franchise ?
A franchise (or franchising) is a method of distributing products or services involving a franchisor, which establishes the brand's trademark or trade name and a business system, and a Franchise, who pays a royalty and often an initial fee for the right to do business under the franchisor's name and system.
Why should I buy a Franchise ?
Regardless of whether you have industry or business ownership experience, you can purchase most franchises because they offer complete training, comprehensive support from the home office, a proven business system, and a product or service that has proven itself to be popular and in-demand.
Who is an ideal Franchise for setting up the institute ?
Consistently superior quality of services is the cornerstone to ensuring the success of the institute. Due diligence is carried out before finalising a Franchise. An ideal Franchisee will have the following characteristics:
  • He should devote full time or a significant amount of his time to the institute.
  • He will have a social standing, enjoy good reputation and exhibit integrity.
  • He will be genuinely interested in the education sector.
  • He will strictly abide by the guidelines given by MEPL.
  • Individuals looking purely for quick returns or productive utilization of their idle space or building are not necessarily the right candidates and are likely to be discouraged.
Why choose Mahendra Educational Pvt. Ltd. as Business Partner.
  • Cutting-edge and contemporary programs/products/courses using technology.
  • Goodwill derived from a recognized & respected brand name.
  • Use of logos, brand names, etc in marketing collaterals & advertising.
  • Marketing collateral support at subsidized rates. Regular visits by the support team for enhancing the experience.
  • Regular training in center operations, academics, products, & marketing.
  • High quality academic material & faculty support initiatives. Closed user group messaging systems to ensure knowledge sharing.
  • Periodic product/program upgrades, as per market feedback.
  • Technology-based support for the center operations management.
  • Technical know-how in academic delivery & pedagogy
  • Regular interaction with our skilled manpower from the industry
What is the first step towards becoming a Franchise ?
Anyone who is interested in becoming a Franchise can contact the enquiry- Franchise Business MEPL directly by telephone at the Corporate Office or e-mail. He can also apply directly through the website by filling up the form of Business Partner
How can a prospective Franchise obtain detailed information about the project ?
If your profile is found suitable and after successful completion of due diligence process you will be required to attend a virtual meeting with our Senior Management for final selection. Additionally, you could plan to visit some of our functional institute at various locations in India, to get a first-hand feel of Mahendra’s.
What are the formalities involved in selection of a Franchise for Mahendra’s?
One has to follow given five Steps to get Mahendra Educational Business Partner.
  • Apply Online to help us know you better.
  • Go to Meeting Link for better understanding.
  • One to one meeting with founder member.
  • Provisional Confirmation of Center & Deposition of Center Accreditation Fees
  • MEPL authority visit & Inspection.
How long would it take to start operations from the time of signing the Franchise Agreement?
The time taken from signing the Agreement to commencing operations depends to a large extent on a few critical factors like, the selection of a suitable site, tying up the finances and completing licensing requirements. Also, the time required for constructing ground up institute is typically longer than that required for establishing institute in existing buildings. If there are no major issues, it is easily possible to commence operations within a time frame of 8-10 months from the date of agreement.
What support we get from MEPL support.
MEPL supports Business Partners in each and every aspect in terms of start-up and training, IT & System Support, Marketing & Design, Recruitment.
How much profit will I make?
Although the success rate for franchise-owned businesses is generally better than the success rate for many independent businesses, there is no formula to guarantee success. The same may also be said of the profits generated. Often the margins you make are a reflection of your ability to properly run your franchise.