Application of Percentage For All Competitive Exams

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As every student wants to study according to his own time and place, we have launched a new platform named "Video Course" to help you in preparing for your bank exams. This video course covering all aspects of Maths – Percentage which is coming in your exams.

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Product Features
1. Video Lectures will be 35+ which will be provided on a regular interval of time.
2. The validity of course is 180 days.
3. These video lectures are available only in Hindi Language
4. Each video can be viewed 100 times.
5. Aspirants will get in-depth analysis of each concept of Percentage asked in different examinations.
6. Command on MATHS – Percentage section after completion of course.

Course Eligibility
Candidates/Students preparing for different Exams should buy these video lectures.

Lecture Plan

L1Concept of Percentage-1
L2Concept of Percentage-2
L3Concept of Percentage-3
L4Concept of Percentage-4
L5Concept of Percentage-5
L6Concept of Percentage-6
L7Concept of Percentage-7
L8Concept of Percentage-8
L9Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-1
L10Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-2
L11Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-3
L12Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-4
L13Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-5
L14Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-6
L15Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-7
L16Application of Percentage in Profit Loss and Discount-8
L17Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-1
L18Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-2
L19Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-3
L20Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-4
L21Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-5
L22Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-6
L23Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-7
L24Application of Percentage in Simple Interest-8
L25Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-1
L26Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-2
L27Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-3
L28Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-4
L29Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-5
L30Application of Percentage in Compound Interest-6
L31Application of Variation in Problems on Trains -7
L32Application of Variation in Problems on Trains -8
L33Application of Percentage in Installment-1
L34Application of Percentage in Installment-2
L35Application of Percentage in Installment-3
L36Application of Percentage in Installment-4
L37Application of Percentage in Installment-5

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